Monday, February 15, 2010

Goliath Corp

Anyone else watch Fringe? Massive Dynamic are the baddies (corporately speaking) in Fringe ... the two names make me giggle.
Jasper Fforde has a wonderful website(s) - Goliath has its very own site, no less - which can be pretty entertaining.
I like how Jane Eyre saves her life by bullet blocking and then by Rochester entering into her world ... leading into the story of her entering his.
Did anyone else (who may or may not be as slow as I) go "....hey ... wait a minute .... that isn't how I remember Jane Eyre ... but then again ... I'm approaching decrepitude ... however, why would anyone trust this particular author."
Why does Fforde intentionally and constantly break the wall, causing us to invite him into the conversation? He's creating this wacky world ... and by the extremity of his creation, I find myself in frequent dialogue with him. This isn't a situation I enter into with anyone else (author-wise) I can think of ... at the moment. Will contemplate! Suggestions??


  1. I am not sure whee we go next, but I started thinking . . . If I could enter a novel, which one would it be and why. My first thought was a book I read as a little girl, Mandy by Julie Edwards (aka Andrews). It is about this little orphan girl who finds an empty cottage and fixes it up as a pseudohome for herself. Anyone else have thoughts?

  2. hmmm ... so many choices ... if living the horror that has been mine since childhood ... I HATE Lewis Carroll and what he did to my childhood ... BUT if it also got me entry into the Johnny Depp movie ... I might just find forgiveness!