Monday, February 8, 2010

Just starting to read my chapters

This became a very busy weekend and I was not prepared to write about the book. I am really looking forward to our discussion group.


  1. I too have started reading. Have any of you seen the BBC mini series Lost in Austen. It is about a 21st century girl who gets stuck in the novel Pride and Prejudice. I have not read a lot, but the first chapters reminded me of the mini series. If you haven't seen it, I recommend. Good, light-hearted entertatinment. Laura

  2. Hooray! First step completed...entering the blog and becoming a follower. I am starting the book, and will respond to our first questions on Saturday. I am so delighted we found a way to facilitate this. Thanks, Diane! Next step...updating my photo. Tara

  3. Actually, you can see me in Laura's picture. Laura is in the center, and I am on the left. Our sister Sidney is on the right. This was at the end of the Kansas City Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in 2007? (Is that right, Lolo?) Laura is a breast cancer survivor, and the three of us walked as a fund raiser. You can tell by the picture that it was one hell of a victory for us.

  4. Lost in Austen - I saw a movie which I truly enjoyed by that name, but didn't realized there was a series - must check it out when the boys are not around.
    There were similarities for sure ... with the tripping into Jane Eyre ... which is, I guess, part of the appeal of these books. I love the idea of falling into a great story, because I have ... without lasting damage on the plot.